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Up to 3% money back on your VCard when you make purchases on

How it works?

  1. Register for a VCard Prepaid Access Card.
  2. Purchase any item on using your VCard.
  3. The full amount for the purchase will be deducted from your VCard.
  4. When the item has been delivered, up to 3% of your purchase value with be added back to your card.

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N.B. Percentage money back varies depending on the item purchased. Log into your VBONUS account to check your bonus amount.. You can receive instant VBONUS, order and VCard alerts on your BlackBerry. Sign Up Now

What is VCard?

The VCard is a access card to funds for the sole purpose of shopping on through our registered merchants. Shopping will never be the same again because the VCard is easily accessible, unlike credit cards you don't have to worry about any:

  • Monthly Fees
  • Activation fees
  • Credit checks
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