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Need extra cash between pay cheques?
You can earn J$10,000.00 or more on your VCard, by referring ten (10) or more of your favourite merchants to start selling on

How it works?

  1. Register for a VCard Prepaid Access Card.
  2. Locate your favourite store and refer them to start selling on
  3. Log in your VBONUS account.
  4. Click Refer a Store under the VBONUS Premium section.
  5. Enter the contact details in the form provided for each interested merchant, then click submit.
  6. Our sales representatives will contact each store for merchant registration.
  7. Once the store has been approved. The VBONUS of J$1,000 is yours. See conditions bellow.
  8. Log into your VBONUS account to check your confirmed VBONUS premium bonus amounts.

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In order to receive your VBONUS Premium bonuses one of the following conditions MUST apply:

  • If merchant upon receiving referral letter via email from referrer. Clicks on the link in the email and is redirected to the Corporate website ( and completes the application form immediately, and is approved the VBONUS of J$1,000 goes to the referrer on which email from referrer merchant had responded to.
  • Or, if any of our sales representative contacts merchant and merchant is approved the VBONUS of J$1,000 goes to the first referral received. All other referrals are ignored.
  • Or, if neither of the above conditions have been satisfied, and we receive an anonymous merchant application without a referral, and the merchant application has been approved and prior to the merchant application a referral existed. The merchant reserves the right to indicate who the referral belongs to. If the merchant indicates a referrer the VBONUS of J$1,000 is granted to that individual.

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What is VCard?

The VCard is a access card to funds for the sole purpose of shopping on through our registered merchants. Shopping will never be the same again because the VCard is easily accessible, unlike credit cards you don't have to worry about any:

  • Monthly Fees
  • Activation fees
  • Credit checks
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